Top Left – Patricia with Greg Davis, Right – Patricia with Huell, Bottom Left – Huell photographed in his LA home years ago.


Huell Howser sadly passed away yesterday. He was best known for hosting the long running “California’s Gold” series which ran on PBS stations. This show had Huell traveling throughout the Golden State introducing the viewers to unique locations and locals. His native Tennessee twang and easygoing demeanor made you think of him more as a friend than a TV personality.

I had the opportunity to meet Huell on a few occasions in 2006. My friend (client and colleague) Greg Davis knew Huell well enough to be invited to his home for cocktails before going out on the town for dinner. I gladly accepted the invitation to accompany Greg for the evening. Once we arrived at Huell’s home in Los Angeles, we were given a tour along with stories of this famous landmark building. One fun little fact was Huell’s apartment was once home to the actor who played Fred Mertz on the I Love Lucy Show. But the real treat was to get a peek at his amazing and quite eclectic art collection. Huell was an avid collector and his home looked more like a corner of a quirky, yet well-appointed museum, than a small apartment above a bustling city.

Around the same time, I was lucky enough to attend one of Huells’ parties at his Joshua Tree home. Huell was again a gracious and captivating host. His quick wit and funny observations made everyone feel special and “in” on a private joke. Not surprisingly, Huell’s desert home was the epitome of amazing style and art. As a designer, I truly appreciated being surrounded by greatness – the personality of the host, as well as, his spectacularly decorated home.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance to socialize with Huell Howser again. However, from that time on, I counted myself as a true fan. Much like many of you, I feel like I lost a beloved friend with his passing.

Rest in peace Huell. You will be missed by all that you touched in both your personal and professional life.